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Bali is the best for holiday, adventure, honeymoon and family vacation

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Relax and adventure in Kintamani

Are you ready to escape to paradise? Let's go to Kintamani, Bali. 

Holiday in Bali is not only the beach alone. In Bali there are also mountains, mountain, rice field terraces, lakes and rivers. Let's adventure and coffee break in Kintamani area. 

Kintamani is one option tourist attraction in Bali. Kintamani is located in Bangli district and is famous because of Mount Batur and Lake Batur.The lake is nearly round the Mount Batur. The view here is very unique, because you can see Mount and lake from above while enjoying breakfast or lunch at one restaurant in Kintamani.

Sunrise on the top of Gunung Batur. Image:
Temperatures in Kintamani much cooler than other resorts in Bali, with temperatures about 18 degrees Celsius, will surely give its own ambianceduring a holiday in Bali. Mount Batur is Bali's second highest mountain after Gunung Agung in the Pura Besakih. 

Make sure you take the time to get up early if staying in Kintamani, and enjoy exceptional experiences from the summit of Mount Batur. You will earn a wonderful grace, a spectacular sunrise. You would be very grateful for this unique beauty.

In Kintamani is a traditional village named Trunyan. This village is Located in the vicinity of Lake Batur. You can ride a speed boat or a traditional boat. You will enjoying the beauty of the lake while boating course is very enjoyable journey.

Coffee break in Kintamani.
When hungry, you can stop over at a restaurant or stay at the villa or hotel on the edge of the lake. If you stay, then you will be able to enjoy the sunrise from the summit of Mount Batur. For that you must climb this mountain at dawn. The mountain is not too high. It's a real adventure. Wow. 

In and around Lake Batur Kintamani you can visit several ancient temples of Bali are very interesting. You will feel the atmosphere within the ancient Balinese Hindu temple in this area. Balinese architecture is amazing and unique, very different from the Hindu temples in India or elsewhere.

Mount batur, holiday in kintamani, sunrise in mount batur
Lake Batur. 
Interested? Why not plan to visit this tourist attraction on the agenda of your vacation in Bali Island. Remember to bring a digital camera so you can capture the beauty of the scenery and you can take pictures with the background and atmosphere of the beautiful Kintamani.

Let's holiday in Bali, and enjoy fantastic adventure and coffee break in Kintamani. 

Holiday in Ubud, the best city in Asia

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Scene of Eat Pray Love in Traditional Market, Ubud
If you've watched the movie Eat Pray Love, then you will see the beauty of a small town called Ubud, located in Gianyar regency, offers arts and cultural attractions for visitors. In the film there are scenes of Julia Roberts is a walk with her boyfriend in a unique Ubud traditional market.
Ubud is  one of the Balinese icons that received an award as the best city in Asia from a famous travel magazine a few years ago. 

Ubud is also known as a center for the arts in Bali handicrafts ranging from wood carvings, gold and silver handicrafts, paintings and other art. You can feel that cultural life of Bali still exist and strong in this small town.

Not surprisingly, in the Ubud area much used as a place to learn the art of many foreign tourists and many student from other countries. They live here and the day-to-day filled with learning interaction with local residents. They learn dance, painting, and sculpture, learn yoga, and so forth. Ubud is also frequently hosts various events local and international cultural arts such as film festivals, art, and so forth.
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Kori Ubud, Bali

Desa Mas, Ubud area, known as a center for producing wood carvings that is second to none. Almost along the road and the house you will see carved in the form of Balinese art galleries. As with the village Celuk also part of the Ubud area, known as a center of gold and silver handicrafts, also a favorite place to get souvenirs.

Ubud is also the best for newlywed couples for honeymoon because this place is quiet and very romantic, as you can see in Julia Roberts’s movie, Eat Pray Love.

For the needs of accommodation, Ubud offers many options that offer "private escape" atmosphere away from the crowd with a beautiful hilly landscape. You will hear the sounds of nature such as river flow. Ubud is also known as the world famous spa center and a place that can generate adrenalin and you can enjoy rafting.

Let's go to Bali and visit the beautiful Ubud.

Romantic Holiday in Bali

Bali is not only famous for the beauty of art, culture, landscape, or a stunning sunset in a variety of exotic beaches, or beaches secret has been revealed. Since tens of years Bali was the honeymoon destination, even many young couples choose to get married this paradise island. Beautiful wedding and stay at a hotel that has a honeymoon suite, will definitely be the most thrilling experiences of your life.

A romantic vacation or a honeymoon is the dream of everyone. If you do, Bali is the right choice. Honeymoon in Bali is a fantastic experience for new newlyweds and couples who want to renew love to true happiness.
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Honeymooner being selfie pictured in Lake Beratan. Image:

Bali is wonderful island and romantic paradise. There is much that is magical about this island. Bali has been dubbed the 'Island of the Gods', but could just as easily be called the 'Island of Romance'. You too can experience the same feeling. If you want to know about Bali, you can buy a DVD or Blu-Ray movie with the title "Eat, Pray, Love". This movie it's about life and love staring by a famous Hollywood actor, Julia Roberts
There are many couples from Asia, Australia, USA and New Zealand and other European countries have been honeymooning in Bali for decades now, but in recent years many couples from many countries have also chosen to hold their Wedding ceremony in Bali.

Bali’s stunning scenery ranges from volcanic peaks and sparkling lakes to emerald rice terraces and beaches of silvery sand; perfect as a relaxing honeymoon holiday destination. 

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Romantic dinnerImage:
Whether it is a honeymoon, romantic escape or wedding that brings you to Bali, one thing is for certain, the island will leave its mark on you. Enjoy romantic dinner in Bali with a spectacular sunset. If you have been married for many years, then you can renew your love in Bali, will even further strengthen your commitment to love each other, and certainly very romantic.

From the moment you arrive in Bali, there is a welcome assault on the senses at every turn: visions of ancient temples; majestic mountains and lurid green rice fields; the exotic sounds of foreign tongues and distant gamelan music; the heady scent of spices mingled with the perfume of a hundred types of flowers.
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Honeymoon couple in Bali. Image

Bali is a stunningly beautiful island, and is located on the fringe of the Pacific Ocean, just eight degrees south of the equator and roughly halfway along the island of the Indonesian archipelago.

Some of the best surfing beaches in the world can be found along the wild coastline of the west, with its black volcanic sand, while at the southern part of the island, gently sloping fertile agricultural lands are just as integral a part of the landscape as the palm-fringed white sandy beaches, tempting warm blue waters and coastal towns which prove so appealing to tourists from all over the globe.

Bali is home to some of the world’s most fabulous resorts, and boasts a large array or stunning villas. Bali is a great honeymoon destination, and has even become incredibly popular with couples wanting to get married in one of the worlds most beautiful, and exotic location. 

Holiday in bali, bali honeymoon packages, eat pray love, honeymoon, wedding in Bali, honeymoon in Bali, Julia Roberts, romantic vacation, romantic villa, wedding, honeymoon suite
Romantic villa in Bali. Image
You can stay in boutique hotels or five stars villas and budget hotels or cottages in Bali. Make sure you book a honeymoon suite in the hotel with beach front, or the rice terraces with views of the natural beauty of the river.

Don't worry, Bali is a very friendly tourist destination in the world because Bali is basically something for everyone and every budget. Bali is an ideal place for a honeymoon or a romantic holiday, also for family vacation.Just contact your travel agent, so you can find many affordable Bali holiday packages.

Are you ready for a real romantic vacation? Let's go to Bali,  the last paradise on earth. Book your hotel and airline ticket now. 

Let's learn the language of Bali

Om Swastiastu.

When you are working or on vacation to a country that understands very well and can say a few words or phrases in the local language. The people you meet will surely be happy with your greeting in their language. For example, if you are on holiday in Bali, it looks like you need to understand and be able to memorize some words or sentences in Bali. The official language here in Bali is Indonesian; however they speak Balinese as well.

Balinese dance, bahasa Bali, speak Balinese, Balinese language, learn balinese, om swastiastu, balinese greeting, holiday in Bali
Balinese dance. Image:
The traditional Balinese greeting is, naturally, a Hindu one – the hands are clasped in front the chest in a relaxed prayer position and the person says, “Om Swasti Astu”, meaning ‘peace and greetings from God’. Or Swasti means health, health may be upon you. 

Swasti really means the one who is established in spiritual health. Om Swastiastu also often interpreted as: May God Bless You. This greeting will break the ice when you meet with the Balinese, and they really appreciate it.

Balinese dance, bahasa Bali, speak Balinese, Balinese language, learn balinese, om swastiastu, balinese greeting, holiday in Bali
The letters and consonants in the language of Bali. Image:
Although the people of Bali are familiar with the conversation in English, Indonesian, Japanese or French, but you will be easy to get along with the natives of Bali if you also speak in their language, even if only a few words. Some general remarks and say you would have encountered in Bali are as follows:

Rahajeng Semeng – Good morning
Sampun Ngajeng? - Have you eaten?
Kenken kabare or Sapunapi Gatra? Or Apa kabar? - How are you?
Matur sukseme or Terimakasih – Thank you very much.

Rahajeng Wengi – Good evening
Pamit Nggih – Good Bye
Sugra Nggih – Exuse me
Tiang becik-becik – I am fine

Yes: Inggih, Patut, Ya.
No: Tan, Nenten

Don’t worry about those three kinds of Balinese language. All you need is some basic expression in Balinese language which are commonly accepted Bali wide.

What is your name? Sira pesengen ragane?
My name is Jane : Wastan tiang Jane
Where have you been? Dija mara?
Where are you going? Lakar kija?

I am from Italy: Tiang uling Italy
What time is it? Jam kuda niki?
How much? Aji kuda niki?
You're welcome: sukseme mewali

Oh my God! : Dewa ratu!

 Where have you been? : Dija mara?
 What time is it? : Jam kuda niki?

If you see a pretty girl, you can say ragane jegeg sajan, it means "you are so beautiful". Maybe she'll fall in love with you, and eventually married a Balinese woman. Wow
Balinese dance, bahasa Bali, speak Balinese, Balinese language, learn balinese, om swastiastu, balinese greeting, holiday in Bali
Om Swastiastu, a Balinese greeting. Image:

Smiling is also an important part of Balinese society, and then you need to express yourself with a sincere smile. They are very friendly to foreigners so that Bali is one of the world-class tourist destinations. 

Many foreigners such as artists, writers, painters and researchers are happy to settle in this paradise island. You can buy books about Bali before you visit to Bali so you have an understanding of art, language and their unique culture.

Candidasa Beach

If you go to Bali, don’t forget to visit Candidasa. This beautiful beach located in the Bugbug, Karangasem district. Candidasa is a replica of the famous Kuta beach because the same - each has white sand. It is suitable for water sports such as swimming, scuba diving and snorkeling.

Candidasa is a tourist area that was developed starting in 1983. At first the name Candi dasa is the name of a temple, the Pura Candidasa, located on a small hill and was built in the 12th century AD.
Candi Dasa beach, beauitul beach in bali, tropical paradise

    The white sandy beach is actually named the Gulf Kehen, but in its development as the enactment of the object and the beach is a tourist attraction, the coast of Gulf Kehen changed its name to the tourist area in accordance with the name Candidasa temple that is in the region.

    Natural charm that was developed as a maritime tourism can be an option to perform various activities, such as sun bathing, canoeing, snorkeling, fishing, trekking through the
 hills, and are not less interesting is the presence of small islands can be reached by boat.This 
small islands holds the potential of panoramic underwater coral reefs and beautiful fish.
beautiful fish in bali, diving in bali, scuba diving in bali

    One story is the myth about the existence of a growing Candidasa temple and is believed by local people is a statue of Goddess Hariti located in a niche at the bottom of the cliff of the hill. It is said that Goddess Hariti narrated in the beginning was a Yaksa in Buddhism who love to eat the flesh of children. But after getting enlightenment teachings of Buddhism, the Goddess and then repent and turn to be protective and loving children.

     Local people believe that the Goddess mother of Hariti means a lot to give gift of fertility and prosperity. Therefore, the place is much visited and utilized by the husband - wife is not blessed with offspring to request prayer dedicated to bringing offerings to the Goddess Hariti.

Welcome Dance from Bali

Tari Pendet, a balinese welcome dance, balinese dance, balinese art, gamelan
Tari Pendet, a welcome dance. 
When you visit the island of Bali with a group that consists of more than 30 people maybe you will be given welcome a dance called Dance Panyembrama. This dance is performed by Balinese girls. When the USA President, Ronald Reagan visited Bali.  He was greeted with this dance. Mr. Reagan and his wife Nancy are very pleased to receive this beautiful dance.
Beside Tari Panyembrama, there is another dance called Pendet, which is a sacred dance dedicated to the guests who come to the island of Bali. This dance is actually a sacred dance that only appears when there are ceremonies in the temple. Finally Panyembrama was created to welcome you or tour group, or to welcome the VVIP guests like presidents, queens, or kings who came to make a state visit to Bali.
When tourists come to Bali with cruise, then when they docked at the port of Padang Bai is usually greeted with this dance and paired arrangement of flowers around their necks. You too will feel the hospitality of the people of Bali during the arrival of guests from abroad.

In addition to welcome important guests, dance is also used as the opening dance at important events such as conferences or when there are high-level performing arts in Bali.
Tari Pendet, Pendet dance, balinese welcome dance, balinese dance
A beautiful welcome dance. Image:

Bali has a lot of dance that consists of dance for the entertainment and the other sacred dance in the temple for religious ceremonies or rituals in the home of a Balinese cremation ceremony, and so forth.

Getting to Bali without a witness Balinese art such as Barong dance, Kecak dance, mask or any other dance, both old and new, then your visit to Bali is not complete.
Welcoming guests with a dance not only in Bali, but there is in other areas as well as on the island of Java, Sumatra and in other countries. Basically, every nation wants to please other people who are visiting their country. It is very natural and is the beginning of a friendship between peoples and nations.
Another interesting thing in Bali is a dance Joged. This dance is a youth dance like disco dance in America. Perhaps this equation is less precise. The important thing, when dance Joged displayed, then you can come dance with the main dancers. This dance is fun, so you will be glad when the other guests danced together.
Each dance will be accompanied by Balinese gamelan, the Balinese orchestra with musical instruments that are very dynamic. Balinese dance movements are also dynamic, although there is also a very graceful Balinese dances, and gentle. You will be charmed by an attractive Balinese dance. Balinese dance that did not use the music is the Kecak dance. If you watch this dance, then you will be surprised by the sounds of music come out of the mouths of the dancers. Wow...
Vacation in Bali is always unique and felt beautiful by the tourists. Many of the tourists are finally returning to Bali to study Balinese dance or other arts such as painting, sculpting or learn the history of Bali and Balinese literature. Even among of them are living in Bali, and then when they die they want to be cremated like the Balinese. What is surprising is that many also end up very eloquently speak Bahasa Bali, Bali is not ordinary language, but language is only used among the nobles and priests of Bali.
When will you go to Bali?

Bali is not only famous because the people were friendly or because the food and beautiful scenery, but because of the unique art and culture. Tradition and cultural arts in Bali is not deliberately performed for the tourists, but because the art of Balinese culture is alive in the life of the Balinese people since hundreds of years ago.
Hopefully when you to Bali, you will get a welcome dance with friends and people you love. Whatever you do and your experience in Bali, you will be very impressed. Bali will provide wonderful memories for you. I am sure, once you've been to Bali, you will come again as it was more common in people who had already come before you.

Fantastic Surfing in Bali

Are you ready for a real outdoor sports? Let's go to Bali.
surfing in Bali, outdoor sports in bali, adventure in baliWould you like to surf? Bali has long been a paradise surfer who is beginners and professionals. Kuta Beach is the place for newbie’s who are still learning stage or at all who have never been surfing and want to learn to surf or for pro surfers to hang around in Kuta. School or course of surfing in Bali in general performs their activities along Kuta Beach, the beach in the area of Padma, until Seminyak Beach area.

Inevitably, one of which makes the attractiveness for tourists to come to Bali are many places to surf or surf-owned. With so many good places there, local and foreign surfers continue to come to tame the sea of Bali in a friendly environment. Of the many places to surf that we have to choose some place to be surfing the best site among others:

Padang-Padang Beach
This beach area is located in the hills near Uluwatu. This beach is not much visited by people so the atmosphere will be very interesting to try to rush the waves here. With a pale white, this beach also offers a variety of charms to be seen.

Padang Padang Beach became famous for being the place shooting the latest Julia Roberts movie that is Eat Pray Love. Make sure you visit this beach so you can feel the romantic beach of Padang Padang while in Bali.

 For a beginner or you are just learning to surf, here are many local guides who are ready to advice the best beach and providing information when the right time to surf.

Balangan Beach
The beach is located near Padang-padang beach. In the past is not easy to find, but now there is good road access and the beach is starting much visited mainly by surfers.

 Uluwatu Beach
Uluwatu beach has waves big enough and very suitable for international surfers. Around this place there are many choices of accommodation or lodging that offers a wide variety of prices.

Kuta beach, seminyak, legian beach
Kuta Beach
Kuta beach, certainly not a foreign name for beginner surfers or tourists visiting Bali. The beach is so famous is also ideal for surfing. From the morning until late the sun goes down, the beach is crowded by the surfer who was just learning to an already pro. Many surf schools are ready to help you to learn here. Many events locally and internationally are often held here.

Kuta is also renowned for its nightlife atmosphere is great. You can find bars, discos, lounges, cafes, malls, and shops selling designer clothes from around the world. After finishing a grueling surfing, you need to entertain yourself to clear your mind, body and soul.

Kuta is the most wonderful place in Bali. Various night entertainment available in Kuta and surrounding areas. You can enjoy fantastic night life in Kuta.

Whichever beach you choose to surf, it will get the unique beauty of Bali as in heaven.
Don't forget to bring your digital camera, so you can capture the best moment during your holiday in Bali. If you don't have  a digital camera, you must choose the right digital camera for adventure and holiday in Bali.

Capture fantastic moments in Bali

bali, camera, camera for holiday, capture moment in Bali, holiday, selfie photography
Tourists pose with a python in Bali Zoo Park (Image:
If you go to Bali, make sure you bring a digital camera, so you can capture every moment during a vacation in Bali. Without the camera, then you will not have anything that you can save as memories. Of course your family and friends would love to see any photos that you capture in this beautiful island.
There are many activities that you can capture in Bali such as arts and cultural events. The natural scenery of this tropical island will amaze you, you definitely want to take pictures with a backdrop of mountains, terraced rice fields, holy temples in this paradise, you also would like to look at each picture with a happy smile.
bali, camera, camera for holiday, capture moment in Bali, holiday, selfie photography,
Enjoy the snaps selfie in Bali. Image:

There are Many models of digital cameras available in the market or you can buy them online. In addition, you can also maximize your smartphone to photograph an impromptu event, such as a unique event, which you see on the trip. Selfie pictures taken would be nice to use your new smartphone.

You can choose Digital SLR cameras, compact size camera or perhaps you want to try  mirror less camera or micro four third cameras. Micro four third cameras is small in size, but its ability as Digital SLR camera, you can even change lenses like an SLR camera.
digital camera for holiday, capture the best moment in Bali
Beautiful sunset in Legian Beach, Bali (Image:
Make sure your holiday in Bali more memorable with a variety of beautiful images that you print or display on your monitor screen, or you upload to social media on the InternetIf you do have a hobby as a photographer, then Bali is the most incredible place to express your creativity. From various angles, you can capture the uniqueness of Bali. If you want, you can write book containing the story of your trip.

Adorn the book you write with a variety of pictures that you get during a vacation in this paradise island. Who knew you would be famous and rich after a holiday in Bali. Are you ready to present, and share signature with the fans? Bali will undoubtedly provide for your own blessings, as already experienced by many writers, artists, and many others who have been to this island of the Gods, since more than one hundred years. You can be part of them.