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Beautiful Beaches in Bali

Julia Roberts in Bali, Eat Pray Love, diving in bali, snorkeling in bali
Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem in Bali
When you vacation in Bali, make sure you enjoy the beauty of the beaches in Bali. Every beach on the island has a different character, both in terms of the color of sand, eco systems, and underwater beauty. You can surf, snorkeling, scuba diving or enjoy  beautiful sunset on several beaches in Bali, even the most beautiful sunrise, if you are happy wake up in the morning.

If you're honeymoon, a beach in Bali is also known to be very romantic, so it's fantastic for honeymooner.

Have you seen Julia Roberts film "Eat Pray Love"? There is a Julia Roberts romantic scene with Javier Bardem at Padang Padang Beach. You who are in love may need to feel the romantic atmosphere of this beach. Eat Pray Love movie has made more famous Padang Padang Beach.

Tulamben and Amed Beach
Amed and Tulamben Beach are adjacent beach, almost like a second character of this beach.
 But the Amed coast is still virgin and not many  tourists who come here. Tulamben beach is favored by the Diver who wants to dive here. Because here there are warships United State of America is sinking and not too deep. Thus, this beach is one of the exotic beaches in Bali. The beauty of the underwater in Tulamben and Amed coast is already very famous.

Dreamland Beach
The beach is very popular tourist foreign tourists, white sand stretches very wide.
 And the large coral reef beautify this beach, one of the white sand beach in Bali is very beautiful and exotic. From this beach you can go on a culinary tour to Jimbaran beach because the beaches there are many seafood restaurants, fresh and very tasty.

Padang Bai Beach
The beach is located at the port of Padang Bai crossing Bali - Lombok is in Padang Bai, the beach is maintained cleanliness and beauty.
 Anglers and divers love this beach. Although there are ports on this coast, but marine life is still beautiful Padang Bai grow well. But be careful if you want to dive here because the current on the beach is sometimes very fast. Do not worry because you can ask with a professional diver who is on this beach. You too can learn to dive here with international standards. When you graduate, you will get a certificate that is recognized throughout the world.

 Legian & Seminyak Beaches
It is located on the northern beach of Kuta beach has the same atmosphere with the beach of Kuta, but the beach in Legian and Seminyak Kuta beach is distinguished by cleanliness and atmosphere are not so crowded.
 Legian and Seminyak Beach is a favorite place of my sunset pictures, sunset on the beach because the atmosphere is very unique and never the same every day. If you love surfing then Kuta Beach is the right choice. In the area of ​​Seminyak, Legian and Kuta are many bars, cafes, lounges, and a good disco. You can enjoy great nightlife in this area, even more unique than the night life in another country.

Sanur Beach
Sanur and the surrounding area one of the first growing tourist areas in Bali, we can feel the atmosphere of the village with peace than in other coastal areas.
 Sanur Beach is a very beautiful beach and friendly. This beach is great for kids and for those of you who like the quiet atmosphere. On this beach you will see many of the Balinese and tourists who were yoga and light exercise. 

dolphin in lovina beach, lovina beach, snorkeling in lovina beach
Dholphins in Lovina Beach
 In the evenings there are many restaurants and cafes serving local and international food. You will happy to live in this area because in some restaurants in Sanur or Semawang you can enjoy beautiful Balinese dance performances.

Lovina Beach
If you go to a beautiful lake Beratan
in Bedugul and Gobleg then you must continue the journey to or Singaraja in the north island of Bali because of this you will find Lovina Beach.

 You need to rent a small boat (Jukung), so you can see the beautiful Lovina beach in the morning. You'll get very interesting natural performances; tens of dolphins will fly and jump near you. This is not a circus show. Sea god, Varuna gives you the beautiful gift of the natural beauty of Bali.

Still there are other beautiful beaches in Bali as the beach More, Nusa Dua, and so forth.
 The atmosphere of the beach in Bali is giving a different atmosphere than the beaches in other areas. Bali and the natural ambience and the friendly Balinese people will add to your comfort during your vacation in this tropical paradise. 

Bali Island gives you the extraordinary tropical beauty to your already bored with the busy big city life. Make sure your next holiday to Bali with people you care.

See you on the beautiful beaches of Bali.



  1. Yes, Bali has many beautiful beaches for vacation. I love the island so much and want to come back again and again.