Gobleg, a little Swiss in Bali?

gobleg, holiday in bali, lake buyan, lake beratan
Mr. Sudhana and his wife enjoy a beautiful view at Gobleg
lake tamblingan, lake beratan, lake buyan
Fantastic breakfast with Balinese cofeee
holiday in paradise, holiday in bali, tour to paradiseIf you are on vacation in Bali, remember to visit the village Gobleg. The village is located on high ground. From this village you can look down, and you will feel like in Switzerland, even without snow, and saw two very beautiful lakes. The lake is often referred to as the twin lakes.

Two lakes that seemed to the twin lakes of Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan has an appeal that quite fascinating. Authenticity of nature in the two lakes is still keenly felt for example in the absence of the use of motorized boats on both lakes this. Local people use small boats called "pedahu" for fishing.

With the cool air that completely surrounded by green mountains, fresh air atmosphere provide a calm and comfortable. This lake is ideal for water recreation such as rowing though and memancing. Especially for those who love nature and recreation in nature both of this lake is the place.

The existence of apes is not far from the lake that is on the highway next to the lake Buyan Denpasar-Singaraja majors are daily increasing in number, increase the attractiveness of this region as a tourist attraction.

Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan Sukasada located in the District, 21 km south of Singaraja City. Located on the roadside Depasar Singaraja. Its location is quite high at about 1000 meters above sea level so the air quite cool and cold at night. While the Lake Tamblingan can be reached through the T-junction towards Munduk, Gobleg and translucent in the Lovina area, along the way presents a view of the Lake Tamblingan. 

From Village Munduk lake can be reached via road-governmental organizations. Cars can reach the edge of the lake is still beautiful, with the forest untouched.

On the way to the village Gobleg, you will pass also a biggest lake in Bali, the lake Beratan. The lake is very beautiful. On the shores of this lake there is a temple which is very interesting.
The temperature in this area is very cold to the size of a tropical island. In the daytime the air is very comfortable.

 Bali has a view of mountains, hills, lakes, beaches with spectacular sunset. Balinese people are friendly and very unique culture, will surely make you going on holiday to Bali again someday in the future. 

Don’t forget to bring your digital camera to capture many beautiful moments, so you can bring fantastic memories to your country. 


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