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Welcome Dance from Bali

Tari Pendet, a balinese welcome dance, balinese dance, balinese art, gamelan
Tari Pendet, a welcome dance. 
When you visit the island of Bali with a group that consists of more than 30 people maybe you will be given welcome a dance called Dance Panyembrama. This dance is performed by Balinese girls. When the USA President, Ronald Reagan visited Bali.  He was greeted with this dance. Mr. Reagan and his wife Nancy are very pleased to receive this beautiful dance.
Beside Tari Panyembrama, there is another dance called Pendet, which is a sacred dance dedicated to the guests who come to the island of Bali. This dance is actually a sacred dance that only appears when there are ceremonies in the temple. Finally Panyembrama was created to welcome you or tour group, or to welcome the VVIP guests like presidents, queens, or kings who came to make a state visit to Bali.
When tourists come to Bali with cruise, then when they docked at the port of Padang Bai is usually greeted with this dance and paired arrangement of flowers around their necks. You too will feel the hospitality of the people of Bali during the arrival of guests from abroad.

In addition to welcome important guests, dance is also used as the opening dance at important events such as conferences or when there are high-level performing arts in Bali.
Tari Pendet, Pendet dance, balinese welcome dance, balinese dance
A beautiful welcome dance. Image:

Bali has a lot of dance that consists of dance for the entertainment and the other sacred dance in the temple for religious ceremonies or rituals in the home of a Balinese cremation ceremony, and so forth.

Getting to Bali without a witness Balinese art such as Barong dance, Kecak dance, mask or any other dance, both old and new, then your visit to Bali is not complete.
Welcoming guests with a dance not only in Bali, but there is in other areas as well as on the island of Java, Sumatra and in other countries. Basically, every nation wants to please other people who are visiting their country. It is very natural and is the beginning of a friendship between peoples and nations.
Another interesting thing in Bali is a dance Joged. This dance is a youth dance like disco dance in America. Perhaps this equation is less precise. The important thing, when dance Joged displayed, then you can come dance with the main dancers. This dance is fun, so you will be glad when the other guests danced together.
Each dance will be accompanied by Balinese gamelan, the Balinese orchestra with musical instruments that are very dynamic. Balinese dance movements are also dynamic, although there is also a very graceful Balinese dances, and gentle. You will be charmed by an attractive Balinese dance. Balinese dance that did not use the music is the Kecak dance. If you watch this dance, then you will be surprised by the sounds of music come out of the mouths of the dancers. Wow...
Vacation in Bali is always unique and felt beautiful by the tourists. Many of the tourists are finally returning to Bali to study Balinese dance or other arts such as painting, sculpting or learn the history of Bali and Balinese literature. Even among of them are living in Bali, and then when they die they want to be cremated like the Balinese. What is surprising is that many also end up very eloquently speak Bahasa Bali, Bali is not ordinary language, but language is only used among the nobles and priests of Bali.
When will you go to Bali?

Bali is not only famous because the people were friendly or because the food and beautiful scenery, but because of the unique art and culture. Tradition and cultural arts in Bali is not deliberately performed for the tourists, but because the art of Balinese culture is alive in the life of the Balinese people since hundreds of years ago.
Hopefully when you to Bali, you will get a welcome dance with friends and people you love. Whatever you do and your experience in Bali, you will be very impressed. Bali will provide wonderful memories for you. I am sure, once you've been to Bali, you will come again as it was more common in people who had already come before you.


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