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Relax and adventure in Kintamani

Are you ready to escape to paradise? Let's go to Kintamani, Bali. 

Holiday in Bali is not only the beach alone. In Bali there are also mountains, mountain, rice field terraces, lakes and rivers. Let's adventure and coffee break in Kintamani area. 

Kintamani is one option tourist attraction in Bali. Kintamani is located in Bangli district and is famous because of Mount Batur and Lake Batur.The lake is nearly round the Mount Batur. The view here is very unique, because you can see Mount and lake from above while enjoying breakfast or lunch at one restaurant in Kintamani.

Sunrise on the top of Gunung Batur. Image:
Temperatures in Kintamani much cooler than other resorts in Bali, with temperatures about 18 degrees Celsius, will surely give its own ambianceduring a holiday in Bali. Mount Batur is Bali's second highest mountain after Gunung Agung in the Pura Besakih. 

Make sure you take the time to get up early if staying in Kintamani, and enjoy exceptional experiences from the summit of Mount Batur. You will earn a wonderful grace, a spectacular sunrise. You would be very grateful for this unique beauty.

In Kintamani is a traditional village named Trunyan. This village is Located in the vicinity of Lake Batur. You can ride a speed boat or a traditional boat. You will enjoying the beauty of the lake while boating course is very enjoyable journey.

Coffee break in Kintamani.
When hungry, you can stop over at a restaurant or stay at the villa or hotel on the edge of the lake. If you stay, then you will be able to enjoy the sunrise from the summit of Mount Batur. For that you must climb this mountain at dawn. The mountain is not too high. It's a real adventure. Wow. 

In and around Lake Batur Kintamani you can visit several ancient temples of Bali are very interesting. You will feel the atmosphere within the ancient Balinese Hindu temple in this area. Balinese architecture is amazing and unique, very different from the Hindu temples in India or elsewhere.

Mount batur, holiday in kintamani, sunrise in mount batur
Lake Batur. 
Interested? Why not plan to visit this tourist attraction on the agenda of your vacation in Bali Island. Remember to bring a digital camera so you can capture the beauty of the scenery and you can take pictures with the background and atmosphere of the beautiful Kintamani.

Let's holiday in Bali, and enjoy fantastic adventure and coffee break in Kintamani. 


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